Holy Smoke Smudge Spray

Holy Smoke Smudge Spray

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Cleanse + Pray + Repeat

Holy Smoke is a smokeless smudge cleansing spray that cleanses and disinfects; double homicide. This spray can cleanse your skin suit of negative energy, reset the energy around you disinfect linen & cloth, sanitize hands make you feel damn good. Made with organic sugarcane alcohol, glycerin & a calming essential oil blend of Palo Santo, Sage, Oud & Myrrh. Black Jesus... is that you?

I outdid myself with this one. 

Ingredients: Organic Sugarcane Alcohol, Alcohol free Witch Hazel, Polysorbate 80, Glycerin Essential Oil Blend

Directions: Spray can be used in any room of home to cleanse energy, disinfect linen or sanitize hands. Do not spray on to face. Store in a cool dry space. 


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